Episode 112: On Elizabeth Gaskell

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 05:56 – Free-for-All (Books that you know you should’ve read)
  • 18:48 – Main Topic (On Elizabeth Gaskell)

On episode ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Wade are joined in the studio by Dr. Rebecca Parker Fedewa, who is an English professor at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Dr. Parker Fedewa’s dissertation focused on Elizabeth Gaskell, so the guys figured she couldn’t say “no” if they asked her on to discuss Gaskell….and they were right (but just barely). And whether you know Gaskell’s life and works well, of have never even heard of her, we think you’ll dig this conversation. Before getting to the real topic, though, the trio discusses books that they know they should’ve read (and maybe even pretend like they have), but still haven’t.

A big thanks to Dr. Parker Fedewa for putting up with the guys and joining us for this episode.

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