Episode 6: The Guys Get Physics (and Ally takes a stand against baby eating)

On episode SIX of Let the Bird Fly! we welcome Dr. Kerry Kuehn to discuss science, and in particular physics. The free-for-all turns into a party in the studio as we discussed the role of signs in society, whether the designated hitter attempts a slap-shots through the goalpost, and the age-old question: should we eat babies? Wade also puts Dr. Kuehn on the hot-seat grilling him with “science” questions that leave Dr. Kuehn red, Wade sounding like a dullard, and most everyone guffawing. We do, however, finally manage to get to the topic at hand, and Dr. Kuehn’s expertise: namely, physics. Dr. Kuehn explains both how he approaches science and how he approaches teaching science. Dr. Kuehn proves to be a fascinating thinker and, despite being a scientist (we try not to hold that against him), he’s extremely easy to understand…he should be a teacher! (If you are into physics, and especially if you teach physics, do yourself a favor and pick up his books: A Student’s Guide through the Great Physics Texts!)

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Kuehn for joining us on this episode (and for putting up with our childish questions). If you are interested in more for Dr. Kuehn, please check out his website and books, linked below.

Website: www.kerrykkuehn.com

Books: Links Dr.  Kuehn’s books, along with brief descriptions, can be found on his website as well.

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