Episode 12: An Uncompromising Gospel

On episode TWELVE of Let the Bird Fly! Peter takes the reigns and welcomes into the studio professor, pastor, softball coach, and author Wade Johnston to discuss Dr. Johnston’s recently published book An Uncompromising Gospel: Lutheranism’s First Identity Crisis and Lessons for Today. After an annoying little shtick where Peter pretends that Wade isn’t the host and Wade (for some inexplicable reason) plays along, the guys get to discussing Wade’s book. Wade also plans to release some Wingin’ It episodettes on different parts of the book, so stay tuned (and make sure to subscribe) for more information on An Uncompromising Gospel. The guys go far and wide during the (aptly named) free-for-all, but pretend that they’re discussing crazy summer schedules. Peter and Wade also find a way to turn the “7-10 minute” Scripture Narrative into something more closely resembling a complete episode. Well, we hope that going long doesn’t detract from your listening enjoyment!

We mention in the episode that we would be giving away signed (by Wade) copies of An Uncompromising Gospel, so be sure to ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY HERE. The more you share, the more times you’ll be entered. (Who knows, we may even announce the winners on a future episode…but we’ll make sure it’s okay to use your name first.)

Since this episode went a bit long, here are the rough time markers for the various sections (feel free to skip around…we won’t be offended, mostly because we won’t know).

00:00 – Introduction

07:48 – Scripture Narrative (John 9)

24:02 – Free-for-all (Crazy Summer Schedules…sort of)

43:34 – Main Topic (Wade’s book An Uncompromising Gospel)

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