Episode 20: Vocation – The Masks of God

00:00 – Introduction

03:27 – Scripture Narrative (Ephesians 2:8-10)

07:26 – Free-for-all (I love YouTube!)

19:17 – Main Topic (Vocation)

On episode TWENTY of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome the Reverend Doctor Michael Berg to discuss the topic of vocation. Before getting to our main topic, though, Wade brings up his kids’ love of YouTube. Peter compares YouTube to Aldous Huxley’s soma; and Wade claims that he’s not responsible for his children, because they were raised by YouTube. Shortly after Wade’s defensive confession, the guys find their way to the main topic of Christian vocation. Dr. Berg leads the guys through a fascinating conversation (one that hopefully leads to some Wingin’ It episodettes and maybe even another full-length episode at some point), which includes a discussion of the masks of God, Law and Gospel, vertical and horizontal ethical orientations, the radical freedom that the Gospel provides, and more big questions than you can shake a stick at.

If you’re looking for more on vocation, Dr. Berg mentioned Gustaf Wingren and Gene Edward Veith as two authors to check out. So to get you started, here are a couple of links:

Wade also mentioned Steven Paulson’s Lutheran Theology, so check that out too. And finally Wade mentioned his Wingin’ It session on Luther’s On the Bondage of the Will, which you haven’t listened to yet, you can do right here.

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