Episode 23: The Guys Get Disease

00:00 – Introduction

06:59 – Scripture Narrative (Matthew 8:1-4)

15:22 – Free-for-all (Mayweather vs. McGregor)

37:09 – Main Topic (The Guys Get Disease)

On episode TWENTY-THREE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome Dr. James Henkel into the studio to discuss everything diseased. From chlamydia to leprosy, and even to Wade’s altruistic refusal to visit the doctor’s office, we talk about just about anything we can think of. Before discussing too much disease, though, we discuss another of Dr. Henkel’s interests: martial arts. Dr. Henkel is a sixth degree black belt in tae kwon do, and Wade and Peter decide not to pick a fight him. Eventually the guys make it to the main topic, where Dr. Henkel manages to cause us to fear everything from chlamydia and leprosy to migrating armadillos and he even tries to ruin food (don’t worry, Wade and Peter decided to keep eating anyway). We are grateful to Dr. Henkel for a very fun episode (and for putting up with us). If you are interested in more information on Dr. Henkel, head on over to his faculty page, where you can also find his contact information.

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