Wingin’ It 26.2: Mike and Wade Talk Collars

In this Wingin’ It episodette, Wade and Mike discuss why they wear clerical collars and why other pastors might find them beneficial. At the end of the day, both agree that they would rather have someone preach the gospel and administer the sacraments rightly, wearing whatever, than to have someone wear a clerical collar and not be about the gospel. That being said, Wade and Mike discuss how wearing the collar has provided some evangelism opportunities, fun conversations, and ministry experiences. Mike also demonstrates that he’s more sanctified than Wade while driving and hits Wade right in the gut with some humor. (Don’t worry, we’re confident Wade will survive it, but it does go to show that we should have Mike on more often.)

Speaking of having Mike on, you may remember Dr. Mike Berg from Episode 20, where he came on to discuss vocation. Now that he’s in the office next-door to Wade, we hope you’ll be hearing from him more regularly (no pressure, Mike; but seriously we just told the world you’d be on more, so you kinda gotta do it now). And if you haven’t listened to Episode 20 yet, do yourself the favor of downloading it now (it’s definitely not one to be missed).

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