Episode 32: A Reformation Postlude

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:05 – Scripture Narrative (Romans 1:16-17)
  • 08:48 – Free-for-All (Favorite Book as a Kid)
  • 21:21 – Main Topic (A Reformation Postlude)

On episode THIRTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! Mike and Peter welcome back Wade, who you may know from his previous role on the splendid podcast Let the Bird Fly! In a surprising move, Wade discusses Paul’s epistle to the Romans in the Scripture Narrative (demonstrating that he does know of books other than the Gospel according to St. Mark). In the Free-for-All Peter decides to strike out with another pretentious comment, that clearly was a bridge too far for Wade and Mike. They mercilessly attack him, until he’s left trying to convince them that the Mr. Men/Little Miss books were not actually part of a British literature phase he went through in grade school.

As they typically do, however, the guys find their way to the main topic, which they call A Reformation Postlude. In this 500th anniversary of Lutheran Reformation (typically marked as beginning on October 31, 1517), they guys decide to discuss the ways in which the Reformation of the Church still plays out today. Far from simply a(n) historical fact, they suggest that the Church is constantly working through the questions of the Reformation, both corporately and as individual Christians maturing in their faith (and even trying to share the faith with their children). We hope you enjoy the discussion. If it sparks any thoughts, questions, comments, outrage, please let us know (well, maybe you can keep the last one to yourself). We love hearing from you!

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