Episode 36: The Guys Get Music

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:39 – Scripture Narrative (Philippians 4)
  • 14:35 – Free-for-All (Favorite Hymns)
  • 34:51 – Main Topic (The Guys Get Music)

On episode THIRTY-SIX of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome Dr. Jeremy Zima to discuss what he discusses best: Music. Mike discusses the love of beautiful things (hey, one might find beauty in music!) and the freedom we have to venture all things while seeking that which is beautiful. Dr. Zima shows off his Bible History chops, but Wade cuts him off (perhaps because he was feeling threatened). In the Free-for-All the guys discuss their favorite hymns, as well as what has happened to Peter. In fact, they wonder so much, that it may have been a bit awkward for Dr. Zima (but he said he’s a “fanboy” of the podcast, so he should’ve known to be prepared for anything). Mike shares Mr. Bean’s difficulty with singing A Hymn of Glory Let Us, but he likes it all the same. Dr. Zima sings the praises of Abide with Me, a hymn that Wade has mentioned in the past is a favorite of his as well. Ben, as only he could do, decides not to select a hymn, or a hymn writer, or even a composer of music that’s used in hymns; no, Ben selects a hymn translator as his favorite hymn. Well, at least he picks a good one in Catherine Winkworth. (In Kindergarten Ben’s report card simply read, “Refuses not follow rules!”) Wade finally coughs up his favorite hymn, after making everyone else go first, but you’ll have to listen to find out what it is.

Despite some technical difficulties that lead to some rough audio for Ben in the Main Topic, the guys have a great conversation with Dr. Zima about what he does at the college, in the community, at his church, and all having to do with music. On a few occasions the guys mention that they need to get Dr. Zima back to discuss a growing list of topics that he just touched on in this episode. So if you enjoy this episode (and we think you will), we hope that we’ll have opportunities to talk with Dr. Zima in the future.

On a side note, when the guys discovered the poor audio in the Main Topic they brainstormed a few ideas of how to handle it. Wade’s idea was to insert the Mr. Men theme song every time Ben was talking. While this proved impractical, we thought you might want to imagine how that might have gone. Here’s the Mr. Men theme song that Wade seems fond of (although Peter would probably prefer the original Mr. Men theme song, as it seems to fit better with his Brit Lit phase as a grade schooler).

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