Episode 55: Urban Education with Ben Clemons

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:05 – Free-for-All (Something no one agrees with you on, but you know you’re right about.)
  • 14:34 – Main Topic (Urban Education with Ben Clemons)

On episode FIFTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys are pleased to welcome Prof. Benjamin Clemons into the studio to discuss urban educational ministry, something the Prof. Clemons has been thinking about and doing for many years. Prof. Clemons is currently a professor of Urban Ministry at Martin Luther College, in New Ulm, MN (yes, the very New Ulm that is home to this striking tribute to German heritage). Before taking up his current post as a professor, however, he served as a principal and teacher at schools in Milwaukee, WI, as well teaching for a year in China.

Wade starts us off with something resembling a brief Scripture Narrative during the introduction, before the guys mostly flop in this episode’s Free-for-All. But their guest comes through and saves them in the main topic where they mostly avoid talking about Jolly Ranchers® (the wine candy)and instead allow Prof. Clemons to discuss how he got to where he is, a bit about his educational philosophy, and a whole lot about teaching across cultures. We think you’ll enjoy the conversation as much as we did. And a huge thanks to Prof. Clemons for joining us on this episode.

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