Episode 56: The Divine Call

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 09:46 – Scripture Narrative (Romans 10:13-17)
  • 11:14 – Free-for-All (Best and Worst Ad Campaigns)
  • 24:22 – Main Topic (The Divine Call)

On episode FIFTY-SIX of Let the Bird Fly! the guys have a full house, with all four of them present, plus three guests. Fortunately, Wade invented them over to Rev. John Bortulin’s house (one of their guests) to record.

Before getting going on this episode, Wade discusses the exciting news that Let the Bird Fly! has joined the 1517 Podcast Network. This has been announced on Facebook previously, but this is the first time on the podcast. If you’re not familiar with 1517., head on over to their website and check them out. And while you’re there, make sure to take a look at the other 7 podcasts in their network; you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy! A huge thank you to the 1517 Podcast Network for bringing us on-board and for the support they’ve already given us. We’re excited to be able to bring our conversation to an even broader audience.

So, after a somewhat protracted introduction, Mike reads a few verses from Romans 10, which serve as a bit of a primer for our Main Topic: The Divine Call. Since we had 5 pastors (and two guys who flunked out of “pastor school”), we thought it would be good to discuss the calling process and how each of these pastors have managed it. We are thankful to Pastor Ben Zak (currently serving at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Milwaukee), Pastor Brian Doebler (currently teaching at Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee), and Pastor John Bortulin (current serving  at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Mukwonago, WI) for joining us on this episode. And an extra thanks to Rev. Bortulin for opening his home to us to record, we won’t forget it (what time next week, John?).

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