Episode 75: Imago Dei

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 05:23 – Free-for-All (Pitcher hits or designated hitter)
  • 16:26 – Main Topic (Imago Dei)

On episode SEVENTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys sit down with Rev. Adam Morton to discuss Imago Dei (or specifically what it means to be created in the image of God). The guys recorded this episode will at the Here We Still Stand 2018 conference, which was held in October of 2018. Rev. Morton was gracious enough to sit down with the guys not once, but twice (you’ll see what we mean a little over 30 minutes into the episode). Rev. Morton is currently working on his doctorate at the University of Nottingham. As is our want, however, we make you suffer through a Free-for-All before getting to the Main Topic. In this episode we bring back a favorite from way back on Episode 3: pitcher hits or designated hitter. After roundly beating Wade, however, we move on to a wonderful conversation with Rev. Morton. We think you’re going to dig this one (we sure did)!

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