Episode 130: The Guys Go Viral

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:24 – Free-for-All (Animal least expected to be as deadly as it is)
  • 16:37 – Main Topic (The Pauline Epistles)

In episode ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY Wade and Mike invite Wisconsin Lutheran College’s disease expert, Dr. James Henkel, back onto the show. This is the second time Dr. Henkel has come onto the podcast. We invite you to listen to his previous visit way back on Episode 23, entitled The Guys Get Disease (and if you haven’t listened to that episode, do yourself the favor of giving it a listen, it’s a fun one). This time the guys talk viruses and pandemics. Wade brings the Free-for-All topic, which asks the guys to discuss which animal is the most dangerous even though it looks innocent. (Spoiler Alert: Wade’s thinks its chickens.)

A big thanks to Dr. Henkel for joining us once again!

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