Episode 137: The Human Touch

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:37 – Free-for-All (Most exciting thing during the lockdown Best forms of dueling)
  • 11:43 – Main Topic (The Human Touch)

In episode ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN Mike and Peter return to the studio to discuss The Atlantic article entitled: 30 Years Ago, Romania Deprived Thousands of Babies of Human Contact. (I think it was that uplifting title that caught Mike’s attention.) Before discussing the importance of human contact (especially in the early developmental stages), the guys try to get back into the podcasting swing with a Free-for-All. Oliva, who has joined them for this episode, takes a stab at it, but it doesn’t go so well. Fortunately Mike and Peter remember they can talk about “civilized” ways of disputing, so they pull it together.

It’s been a bit since our last episode, we hope this gets to be a more regular thing again soon.

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