Episode 8: Lonestar Lutheranism

On episode EIGHT of Let the Bird Fly! we welcome Rev. Kyle Madson to discuss his mission work deep in the heart of Texas (or just outside Fort Worth, anyway). Despite Pastor Madson being at a remote location, the studio is quite full for the episode and Nick finds himself fending off attacks from all quarters in a (vain?) attempt at defending his good name. Wade informs Peter that he has been excommunicated for future sins that he is quite certain to commit. Peter seems mostly unfazed by the change (which may be one of those sins Wade was concerned with). The whole group discusses rivalry do’s and don’ts in the free-for-all, but not until after Pastor Madson makes good on the bribe Wade clearly paid him by claiming the Designated Hitter is somehow preferable to the pitcher hitting. The animosity for the Green Bay Packers becomes more than a bit disturbing during the free-for-all (and apparently the Minnesota Loons is a soccer team…thanks for that, Ben), but finally the guys are able to move on to discuss the mission work Pastor Madson has been called to in Texas. Pastor Madson explains how he came up with the name Divine Mercy for the mission congregation, along with some of the ways he has gone about doing evangelism down in the Bible Belt. (Spoiler: He’s taken a different approach than you might expect.) Throughout the discussion Pastor Madson demonstrates his thoughtful and pastoral manner (even if he does sport “salmon” colored shorts). If you are interested in more information on Divine Mercy, please visit the links below

We are extremely grateful to Rev. Madson for joining us on this episode. Pastor Madson was willing to be our first “Skype-guest” , so we extend an extra big Texas-sized “thank you” for his willingness to be our guinea pig  (and a pretty good, it turns out).

If you’d like to thank Ben for returning and bringing the audio quality back to something much more listenable, you may email your gratitude to ThanksBen@LetTheBirdFly.com.

Links promised in the episode:

Divine Mercy:

Website: divinemercytx.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DivineMercyLutheranChurch

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kyle-madson-304368472

Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS):

Website: els.org

Books mentioned:

Meditations on Divine Mercy by Johann Gerhard

To Live with Christ: Devotions by Bo Giertz

Then Fell the Lord’s Fire by Bo Giertz

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