Episode 17: Beware the Sky is Falling!

00:00 – Introduction

05:55 – Scripture Narrative (Matthew 24-25 and 1 John 4)

16:01 – Main Topic (Beware the Sky is Falling!)

On episode SEVENTEEN of Let the Bird Fly! Wade breaks out on his own providing an expanded discussion of his blog post Beware the Fearmonger. (If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website now!) After deciding not to argue with himself–and so skipping the free-for-all, Wade discusses the ease with which we push others into various boxes or labels and then assume that we then know all we need to know about the other. Pushing back against this cultural impulse, Wade encourages us to evaluate the role ideology plays in our own thoughts first. By doing so, we may find that those we’ve shoved into different boxes might not be everything we thought they were (or perhaps even more than we thought they were). Relatedly, Wade encourages us to view the “crises” of the day with a more critical lens, in order to avoid giving these political and cultural debates too central of a role in our lives as Christians. The sky hasn’t fallen yet, and although we look forward to Christ’s second coming as Christians, worrying about the sky and it’s fealty to remaining fixed above us won’t change any of that. Life is full of tensions and paradoxes, and while that may not always be comfortable for us as Christians, it is something that all of our worrying, side-taking, and fearmongering won’t even begin to change. The law accuses us and tells us how very wretched we truly are (and this world is), but let’s not forget the reason Christ came; namely, to be the balm that frees us from the law, allowing us to live freely in His Gospel assurance. The sky doesn’t look so bad afterall…so, let the bird fly!

Peter did stop by in the middle of the episode to remind the listeners of what we have going on the website. He mentioned the blog posts, the devotions, the Wingin’ It episodettes, and the email lists. So stop on by and see what else we’ve been up to. Peter did forget which episode he’d interviewed Wade about his book An Uncompromising Gospel (at lease he remembered the name of the book this time), but if you’re interested in that, it was episode 12, which you can find here. And if you’d like to listen to Wade’s Wingin’ It episodettes on his book, you can find those here.

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