Episode 26: So, Where Are You From?

00:00 – Introduction

03:27 – Scripture Narrative (John 1:46)

05:15 – Free-for-all (Favorite Season of the Year)

16:28 – Main Topic (So, Where Are You From?)

On episode TWENTY-SIX of Let the Bird Fly! the guys take another stab at self-indulgent podcasting (is that redundant?). But this time they do it with four kids, which makes it more difficult for the listener to leave a scathing review (THINK OF THE CHILDREN!)

If this episode sounds a bit like one of our Wingin’ It session, that’s probably because we found ourselves wingin’ it after some technical difficulties. We had hoped to have Pastor Matthew Richard on to talk about his new book Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?: 12 False Christs, but with Ben out of the studio Peter and Wade found themselves with too many technological obstacles to overcome. We are extremely grateful to Pastor Richard for his patience and understanding. We are already working on new time to have him on, so stay tuned (and in the meantime, grab a copy of his book so that you can follow along when we do get him on).

Since they were left without a planned episode, Wade and Peter decided to take the opportunity to talk to the kids about where they are from, how that impacts them, and why they find it so important to identify with their “home.” Sophie and Oliva go toe-to-toe a couple of times, holding the most contentious (even if not the most intellectually rigorous) debate the podcast has seen to date. In the free-for-all (or the second attempt at a free-for-all…kids these days, you can’t podcast with them anywhere) we discuss our favorite seasons of the year. And Wade sets a record for the fastest Scripture Narrative yet!

This is far from our most polished episode, but we hope that you are able to look past the disorganization and the poor audio quality and still able to find something interesting or entertaining. If you feel like you need something a bit more meaty to listen to this week, you’re in luck. Wade mentions that he was on a couple of podcasts this past week, so you can give those a listen. The first is Virtue in the Wasteland; you can find Wade’s episode here. And the second is The Thinking Fellows; Wade’s episode can be found here. So if our last-minute attempt is insufficient for you this week, we’re sure those two will more than make up for it. Oh, and if you enjoy the interviews of Wade, make sure to subscribe to both podcasts, we think you’ll find them both very interesting.

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