Wingin’ It 25.1: An Uncompromising Gospel | The Flacian Controversy

In this Wingin’ It episodette Wade discusses another topic from his book An Uncompromising Gospel: Lutheranism’s First Identity Crisis and Lessons for Today. In this session Wade final reaches Matthias Flacius Illyricus. During this debate over original sin, Flacius got caught up in some Aristotelean terminology that either leads him to be misunderstood, or for Flacius himself to misunderstand. Either way, this is a tough one for Wade (he manages to keep it together during the recording, though). This controversy with Flacius provides us with the remind that even great theologians can (and do) fall into error, which it is should always be remembered when being corrected by (or doing the correcting of) a fellow Christian.

During the episode Wade mentions 1517 The Legacy Project, where you can find more of Wade’s writing including his two most recent books (A Path Strewn with Sinners and the book that is the basis for this Wingin’ It episodette, An Uncompromising Gospel.) Wade also mentions The Thinking Fellows podcast. Wade was out in California to record with them recently; if you’d like to give it a listen, you can do so right here.

Peter interviewed Wade on his book in Episode 12, so if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, it will provide a broader view of Wade’s book. And, as promised in that episode, Wade provides a more in-depth discussion of one aspect of his book in this Wingin’ It session. If you’d like to listen to Wade’s other Wingin’ It episodettes on his book, head on over to our Wingin’ It page where you’ll find them all.

Stay tuned for more Wining’ It sessions on Wade’s book!

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