Episode 30: A Path Strewn with Sinners

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:09 – Scripture Narrative (Mark 16:9-20)
  • 13:35 – Free-for-All (Class every student should take)
  • 29:29 – Main Topic (A Path Strewn with Sinners) 

On episode THIRTY of Let the Bird Fly! the guys abandon Peter, so he is forced to find something to talk about. He manages to dredge up some guy who recently wrote a book entitled A Path Strewn with Sinners: A Devotional Study of Mark’s Gospel & His Race to the Cross. You may have heard of the author, as it turns out he is also the host of a podcast (that happens to be extremely popular with your demographic) called Let the Bird Fly!; his name is Rev. Dr. Wade Johnston. (Peter knows this schtick is getting old…sorry, he can’t help himself.)

In this episode Peter takes the reigns again to talk to Wade about his latest book. Before letting Wade talk, though, Peter demonstrates a level of humility that Wade can only dream about by taking the Scripture Narrative and discussing the Gospel according to St. Mark (even though he knows full well, there’s a much more compelling Gospel account out there). In the Free-for-All Peter and Wade play king-of-the-world (or at least king-of-the-classroom) and discuss what classes they would require for every high school student and what class for every college student, if they were given such power. But eventually Peter allows Wade to talk about his book; and who knows you might even find it interesting. As the subtitle suggests, A Path Strewn with Sinners is a devotional text, which is accessible for the layperson and structured in such a way that makes it a great fit for personal or family devotions, as well as corporate devotions. Since we’re quite sure we’ve hit our target audience with you, we’re giving away TWO copies of the book (maybe we’ll even try to get the haughty author to sign them for you…we’ll see, he’s pretty full of himself); just head over to our BOOK GIVEAWAY page for all the details. And make sure to share the podcast and the giveaway with your friends and family!

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