Bird’s Eye View 29.1: Wade talks Christian Freedom at True North

Wade was invited to present for the True North campus ministry group at the University of Minnesota early in October, and he managed to record it (all by himself even!). His presentation deals with Christian freedom as a central theme and essential teaching of the Lutheran Reformation and the Christian life, unpacked from a variety of angles.

We are sharing this talk with you as part of our new “series” we’re calling Bird’s Eye View, which we hope is a way to share talks that Wade or Mike (or one of the other guys, but probably mostly Wade and Mike, because who wants to listen to Peter or Ben talk) give throughout the year. Much like our Wingin’ It series, these will tend to be less “produced” than our normal episodes (especially since these won’t be recorded in a “studio”), but we hope that some of our listeners will find some of these talks interesting. Let us know what you think.

For this Bird’s Eye View we offer our sincere thanks to Pastor Dan Lindner and the students of the True North group for the invite. Wade has enjoyed being able to join them a few times now and it’s a great group.

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