Episode 39: A Merry Christmas Episode

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:40 – Scripture Narrative (Hymn: From Heaven Above To Earth I Come)
  • 09:48 – Free-for-All (Favorite Part of Christmas…at Church)
  • 24:19 – Main Topic (A Merry Christmas Episode)

On episode THIRTY-NINE of Let the Bird Fly! Wade, Mike, and Peter are without Ben, but they are joined by EIGHT of their lovely daughters. Many of these voices are not strangers to the podcast, but this is the first time we’ve had them all on the same episode, as well as first appearances by Beatrice and another Sophia (that’s two Sophia’s for those keeping count at home). The girls help the guys through the Scripture Narrative, which turns out to be more of a hymn study, as Wade walks through From Heaven Above to Earth I Come. They also stick around for the free-for-all, but decide to leave their dads to manage the main topic alone. Speaking of the main topic, the guys share some of their thoughts on Christmas and the Christmas season. The guys mention a couple of books the you might be interested in, so here they are with links to their Amazon page: Luther at the Manger: Christmas Sermons on Isaiah 9:6 trans. Nathan Biebert and Martin Luther’s Christmas Book ed. Roland Bainton.

From all of us here at Let the Bird Fly!, we wish you and yours a very happy and blessed Christmas! Thank you for listening, we hope that you enjoy the conversation.

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