Wingin’ It 44.1: The Divine Service (Part 5) – Gloria

This Wingin’ It session is the fifth part of our series on the Divine Service. Mike and Wade get together once again to discuss the Gloria. After all of the “beginnings” it seems like the Divine Service might finally be moving forward now! And where do we go, but right to Christmas (Gloria in excelsis Deo). But it’s not all Christmas; in fact, Mike somehow finds a way to even talk Lincoln! If you’re enjoying this series, we’d be thrilled if you’d share them with friends and family.

As a reminder, this is the fifth part of the series that Mike promised on Episode 33, which will cover various parts of the Western Rite. If you missed the previous episodettes on the Divine Service, you can catch up right here. And if you haven’t listened to our full episode on worship, you can find that right here.

Thanks for listening!