Episode 51: With My Own Eyes

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:41 – Scripture Narrative (Reading from With My Own Eyes)
  • 06:13 – Free-for-All (Favorite Childhood Toys)
  • 22:11 – Main Topic (With My Own Eyes)

On episode FIFTY-ONE of Let the Bird Fly! Rev. Bror Erickson joins the guys once again via Skype to discuss the Swedish Bishop Bo Giertz. On the episode 50 Pastor Erickson joined us to discuss what led him to begin translating some of Bo Giertz’s works. This time he joins us to talk about one of those works in particular. Once again instead of the normal Scripture Narrative, Wade reads a selection from one of Rev. Erickson’s translations. This time it is from With My Own Eyes, which also serves as the main topic for this episode. They also find a way to talk about favorite childhood toys, which is sort of a metaphor for what the Free-for-All is anyway.

If you are familiar with Bo Giertz, it is most likely through The Hammer of God. What you may not know is that Bo Giertz was a rather prolific author, but very little has been translated into English. Thanks to our guest, however, that has been changing. If you’d like more from Bror, you can check out his posts at 1517. The Legacy Project, as well as his personal blog and if you find yourself in Farmington, NM, you can find him pastoring at Zion Lutheran Church.

Books translated or edited by Bror:

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