Wingin’ It 50.1: The Divine Service (Part 11) – The Eucharistic Prayer

In this, the eleventh part in our Wingin’ It series on the Divine Service, Mike and Wade are joined in the studio by Rev. Dr. Paul Lehninger to discuss the much ballyhooed showdown over the Eucharistic Prayer. The guys have some slight technical difficulties toward the end of the episode, but nothing that causes too much of a problem. A big thanks to Dr. Lehninger for joining us on this Wingin’ It. We hope to have him back again for a full episode on one of his areas of expertise.

And as a reminder, this is the eleventh part in the series promised by Mike on Episode 33, which will cover various parts of the Western Rite. If you missed our previous episodettes on the Divine Service, you can catch up right here. And if you haven’t listened to our full episode on worship, you can find that right here.

Thanks for listening!