Episode 65: On Reading “Unsafe” Authors – Part 1

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:03 – Free-for-All (World Cup)
  • 10:01 – Main Topic (On Reading “Unsafe” Authors – Part 1)

On episode SIXTY-FIVE of Let the Bird Fly! Wade was out-of-town, so the guys took over his office and invited back Rev. Dr. Mark Paustian. Dr. Paustian joined us back on Episode 60 to discuss communication, and we had such a great time we decided to get him back on, this time to discuss reading books and authors who have been deemed “unsafe.” Our discussion centers around “theologically unsafe” authors, but we also discuss this concern in a slightly broader context as well.

This is a topic that the guys had done way back on Episode 4, which is entitled Stepping outside the Fortress. So if you’re a new listener (or if you just skipped that episode), you may want to go back and give that early episode a listen as well (plus you’ll get the added bonus of getting to hear us stumble through one of our early episodes, which is always entertaining). As it turns out there was quite a bit to talk about with Dr. Paustian, so we had to split it into two episodes. So if you enjoy this one, make sure to check out Episode 66 as well.

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