Wingin’ It 64.1: Church History (Part 1) – The Fall of Jerusalem

This Wingin’ It is the first is a series that Wade and Mike plan to record on Church History. Much like they did with the Wingin’ It series on the Divine Service, the hope is that by taking a big topic in smaller parts they’ll be able to get into a bit more detail than they would be able to do in a single episode. That said, these are still Wingin’ It episodes, so they are far from scripted, (you’ve been forewarned).

They will be using Mark A. Noll’s book Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity as the spring-board for their discussion. Rather than provide an overview of Noll’s book, however, their intention is to use his structure as a rough guide for their conversations. With that in mind, this episode begins with the topic of Noll’s first chapter: The Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. We hope you’ll enjoy this new Wingin’ It series. (And if you do, don’t forget to share!)

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