Episode 64: Apologetics

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 06:12 – Scripture Narrative (Acts 26)
  • 09:55 – Free-for-All (Favorite Beer)
  • 17:23 – Main Topic (Apologetics)

On episode SIXTY-FOUR of Let the Bird Fly! the guys once again sit down in Wade’s backyard this time to discuss apologetics. Apologetics is something of a  reoccurring theme for the guys (we blame Mike), in fact back before Mike joined the elite ranks of co-hosts on the podcast, he was on as a guest to discuss this very topic. If you missed that episode, you can find it back at Episode 27: No Apologies, Apologetics. This episode’s discussion is less organized (I know that may be hard to believe), but the guys just wanted to take some time to discuss something explicitly that they seem to keep bumping up against on different episodes. So we hope you’ll enjoy (or at least tolerate) another discussion on apologetics.

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