Episode 74: First or Second Article Christian

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:10 – Free-for-All (Bees and Wasps)
  • 27:11 – Main Topic (First or Second Article Christian)

On episode SEVENTY-FOUR of Let the Bird Fly! the guys are all back together for the first time in a long time. They don’t waste anytime, either, getting right to those pressing questions in the Free-for-All. This time the topic de jour is sometime near and dear to Ben (which are the most hashtag-able topics we cover going all the way back to #notMyTimeZone); namely, bees. Yes, that’s right, the guys spend more than 20 minutes talking about bees, a topic on which they are determined to demonstrate their complete lack of knowledge, save Ben, of course, who just has to put up with the others for the duration.

The Free-for-All bleeds over into the beginning of the Main Topic (it’s just hard to stop discussing dictatorial regimes, especially when they enact policies as fascinating as the Four Pests Campaign, but eventually they pull themselves away to discuss whether one should be a “first article” or a “second article” Christian. Spoiler alert: they all agree you should be a full three article Christian. Nonetheless, the guys use this distinction as a way to highlight some of the areas that theology often becomes skewed. It turns out that the doctrine of the Trinity is not simply a logical difficulty, but one that requires our careful attention. We hope that you are able to suffer through the banter of our Free-for-All (or that you just skip it) and find something worth considering in our Main Topic.

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