Episode 120: Bo Giertz – A Year of Grace

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 05:19 – Main Topic (Bo Giertz – A Year of Grace)

On episode ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY Wade and Mike returning guest and friend, Rev. Bror Erickson. For listener who have heard our conversations with Rev. Erickson in the past, you’ll no be surprised that he continues to translate the works of Bo Giertz into English. On this episode he discusses his most recent translations, which are of select sermons from Giertz. There are two volumes of these translations, which are entitled A Year of Grace (Volume 1: Collected Sermons of Advent through Pentecost and Volume 2: Collected Sermons of Pentecost/Trinity).

Another big thanks to Rev. Erickson for joining us once again!

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