Episode 132: The Eleven Nations of the United States

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 05:55 – Free-for-All (Predications: Politics 2020)
  • 16:42 – Main Topic (The Eleven Nations of the United States)

In episode ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO Wade and Mike sit down with Rev. Dr. Paul Lehninger of Wisconsin Lutheran College to discuss the work of author Colin Woodard. Woodard believes that there are eleven distinct nations which comprise the United States (and Canada and Northern Mexico). These rival nations have remained consistently cohesive throughout U.S. history. Woodard offers presidential election results to prove his claim. If this is true, it provides a more nuanced look into politics and culture than the usually blue state/red state divide. We hope you will enjoy the discussion.

And a big thanks to Dr. Lehninger for joining us once again!

Links to two of the Woodard books mentioned in this episode:

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