Wingin’ It 187.1: Life after Luther (Part 66) – The Luther Series Finale!

In the SIXTY-SIXTH session of our Wingin’ It series on the Life of Luther, Wade and Mike wrap things up. This series started in December of 2018. It has been quite the undertaking, but very beneficial for both of the guys as they’ve worked through everything. Even if you’ve not listened to the series so far, the finale is worth checking out, as they discuss why Luther matters, his place today, what his lasting contributions to the church have been, and the dangers of trying to “play Luther,” among other things We hope you enjoy the session and, if you haven’t, maybe check out the series. There is one “earmuffs” moment, but Wade gives ample warning beforehand, so don’t blame him if you hear a colorful word. If you need to blame someone, blame Jason for not being there to keep order. 

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