Episode 5: The Time Between the Testaments

On episode Five of Let the Bird Fly! we welcome Dr. Mark Braun to discuss the intertestamental period. Before getting to our main topic, however, we share our thoughts on retirement and receive some insight from Dr. Braun, who is about to be living it. This leads to an intriguing conversation about the aging process (which may get a bit too personal). After pointing out that after retirement death is the only thing left to do, Dr. Braun also assures us that when we get there (to retirement, that is) we’ll know what to do. We also discover (quite by accident) that Ben, in a gaudy display of his wealth, carries large bags of money around with him (is that necessary, Ben?). Eventually we do arrive at our main topic for the episode: The Time Between the Testaments. Dr. Braun then leads us through a captivating discussion of this often overlooked (but terribly fascinating) time in history; a topic that he has been lecturing on for the past 30 years.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Braun for joining us on this episode, and we wish him the best in his (semi-)retirement. If you are interested in hearing more for Dr. Braun, please check out his books, linked below.

Dr. Mark Braun’s books:

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