The Black Geneva Piety of the Wisconsin Synod by Rev. Dr. Mark Braun

On Episode 29 of Let the Bird Fly! Rev. Dr. Mark Braun returned to talk about an essay he wrote entitled The Black Geneva Piety of the Wisconsin Synod. We are grateful to The Lutheran Historical Conference for granting us permission to share this article.

So if you’ve listened to the episode and were itching to get your hands on the essay, you’re in luck. And if you haven’t listened yet, here’s your chance to read the article first, read as you listen, or read it once you’ve listened (either way, we think you’ll find it’s time well spent).

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And as always, go live freely friends and Let the Bird Fly!


Braun: Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word

We were honored to have Dr. Mark Braun as our guest on episode 5 of Let the Bird Fly!, where Dr. Braun discussed the intertestamental period, which is the topic of his book The Time Between the Testaments: Connecting Malachi to Matthew. While we certainly hope to have Dr. Braun on again in the future, we expect many of our listeners will be eager to hear more from him before we are able to do so. For those restless listeners, we offer some temporary relief from your agitation. Dr. Braun has been kind enough to share with us an essay he delivered in 2015 entitled Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word.
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