Episode 43: The Book of Deuteronomy

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:35 – Free-for-All (Historical Blind-spots)
  • 15:14 – Main Topic (The Book of Deuteronomy)

On episode FORTY-THREE of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome Dr. Mark Braun back for his fourth episode with us. (If you’ve missed the previous three, you should rectify that now. You can do so by downloading Episode 5, Episode 14, and Episode 29.) Dr. Braun has been on to talk about the inter-testamental period, the split between the Missouri and Wisconsin synods, and his paper on Black Geneva Piety; but this time he is here to talk about everyone’s favorite book of the Bible–Deuteronomy. He is joined by Pastor Ben Zak, who happened to be on campus and so got to join in on the fun, too. He serves at St. John Lutheran on 68th and Forest Home in Milwaukee.

On the way to the main topic, Mark, Ben, Mike and Wade talk historical blind spots–what historical or fields do they personally wish they knew more about and what would the church or society be served by learning more about, too. The main topic, as advertised, delves into the last book of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy, and Mark’s crisis of faith which led him to study it. From there the conversation expands to Moses, the Torah, the challenges and perspectives of old age, in connection with Deuteronomy telling us about the aging prophet, and taking off from there. (In one very elucidating moment Wade clarifies that he is NOT saying “that we should all approve of bad stuff and that we should do bad stuff,” so make sure to keep that in mind.)

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