Episode 216: Anthropology, Part 4 (Genesis 3) & Raleigh Sadler of MercyCast

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 08:55 – Free-for-All (Raleigh Sadler and MercyCast)
  • 23:50 – Main Topic (Anthropology: Genesis 3)

In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN, Mike, Jason, Peter (yes, Peter!), Nate Wordell, Raleigh Sadler and Wade continue the guys’ discussion of anthropology. Raleigh Sadler, on campus to speak for our students (until an attack of snow struck) joins us and tells us about his work with Let My People Go, his book, Vulnerable, and his new podcast, MercyCast. As we explore Genesis 3, we discuss how human beings have striven to understand who they are across time (we are not machines or computers, for instance) and hit on loneliness and human connection, fallenness and vulnerability. We hope you enjoy the episode! 

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