He Rules from Sea to Sea

Psalm 72:8-9

And He does have dominion from sea to see, our Epiphany King. He came not only to save His own, even though they did not recognize Him, John tells us, but to save all. He is Savior of the Nations. This is the great epiphany, God made man, not for some, but for all, not for a people, but for the peoples—God made man for me, for you.

It’s hard for this to sink in. We’re ok with our Epiphany King being the Savior of some. But all? The world is full of people, all sorts of them. The Savior of all? We watch the news. We know human history. Of all?

Maybe, though, we’re ok with the everyone else part. Maybe what we struggle with is that He could be my gracious King, my God made man for sinners. Maybe some sin of ours seems a little too big for mercy, or a lot too big. Maybe we feel too unclean.  Maybe others, even those who call themselves Christians (God be merciful), have driven our uncleanliness home beyond any doubt and to the point of despair. Maybe it’s hard for this fact to sink in, that He is the Epiphany King of all and for all, but facts are facts.

Christ is your Epiphany King. He came for you. He found you between the seas, between the River and the ends of the earth. He is your River of Life. He is the end of your sin and guilt, because He is the end of the law for righteousness. He is absolution for the ungodly. His enemies may accuse, but let them lick the dust! He is the Epiphany King and there is no other, and the epiphany is that He is for all, even me, even you, even your enemy, that He is God made man to save sinners.

Join the desert tribes with joy, whether or not all the others do it with joy. Your sins are forgiven. The King is your King. He rules for you. Flowers sprout in the wilderness, watered by gracious showers, baptismal blooms. Our King has dominion, and His is a dominion of righteousness—His righteousness imputed to us.

Wade Johnston

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